Erika is our featured tattoo artist. Beginning her career 15 years ago, she started tattooing her friends as a teenager. She has always been a skilled artist mastering many types of art, from acrylic and watercolor painting, to becoming an incredible musician who plays several instruments and has toured as a singer/songwriter.

While pursuing tattooing, she completed an apprenticeship in a small local shop before moving to Honolulu where she perfected her skill at some of the world's top tattoo shops. Erika trained with Fano, an expert in Polynesian and Samoan Tattoos.

She proceeded to work at the famous Hart and Huntington in Waikiki, taking art lessons from Maxwell Killbourne. Along the way, she guest sat at Sudden Rush, Inked Nation, Homiez Tattooz, and Metal and Ink. Erika is multi-talented and can easily customize any piece. She specializes in Polynesian tribal, realistic, traditional, Japanese, bright color work, and nature portraits.

Erika also has ten years of body piercing experience.