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K Town Tattoo is the #1 tattoo and body piercing shop on the Big Island of Hawaii. We pride ourselves in being the "Cleanest Shop" in town. We always use one-time use needles. Our tubes go through a liquid cold sterilization soak and scrub, a cycle in an ultrasonic machine, in addition to an extended cycle in an autoclave using an indicator pouch.

Our surfaces, including non-work areas, get cleaned with quadracides that kill HIV 1 and 2, Hepatitis A, B, and C, and all other blood borne pathogens. We also use barrier guards and proper antiseptic techniques in order to eliminate cross contamination.

Our shop specializes in Polynesian tribal, Japanese, Celtic, and Traditional American styles, bright color work, realistic designs, biomechanical designs, Vintage, portraits, custom designs, lettering, and original Ironman designs.

K Town Tattoo offers the widest selection of high quality piercing jewelry on the island. Our extensive inventory will make it hard to choose.


Erika Fritts is our featured tattoo artist. Erika Fritts started out tattooing her friends as a teenager. She has always been a skilled artist mastering many mediums. A few years down the road, she completed an apprenticeship in a small local shop before moving to Honolulu in order to perfect her skill at some of the world's top tattoo shops. Erika trained with Fano, an expert in Polynesian and Samoan Tattoos.

She proceeded to work at the famous Hart and Huntington in Waikiki, taking art lessons from Maxwell Killbourne. Along the way, she guest sat at Sudden Rush, Inked Nation, Homiez Tattooz, and Metal and Ink. Erika is multi-talented and can easily customize any piece. She specializes in Polynesian tribal, realistic, traditional, Japanese, bright color work, and nature portraits.

Click Here to see samples of Erika's tattoo work.

Josh Danao was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii. Josh always had a passion for drawing form his childhood. He was influenced by a friend to start tattooing. Josh has been and still is influenced by new ink. He specializes in traditional and non traditional Polynesian also Asian tattoos. A quote that Josh stands by "making impressions by ink" which he uses to create unique tattoos.Josh has spent many hours drawing which is a passion and a way he spends relaxing. Creating new works of art. He is sure to capture the essence in Ink that you will be proud to show off for years to come....

Click Here to see samples of Josh's tattoo work.

Sandra Oliva, a transplant from Colorado, Sandee has lived in Hawaii for over 30 years. She enjoys meeting people from around the world as well as the local people that live right here . Sandee is experienced in piercing infants as well as children , teens and adults, men and women alike. She looks forward to helping you to decide on either a new tattoo or body piercing. Perhaps some new jewelry is in order. We have a great selection and she will be sure to find something that will bring a smile to your face or a gift for a friend . Sandee will be sure to assist you as you enter into our great shop here at K Town Tattoo and Body Piercing.



Click Here to see samples of Sandee's piercing work.